At Bridgeway Community Church Membership is Discipleship.  

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I am a disciple of Jesus Christ:

  • A believer in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died for my sins and has risen for my justification.
  • Baptised upon confession of faith.
  • Born again, as a child of God, through the Holy Spirit.
  • Committed to the Bible as God’s Word.

  I am committed to being a disciple of Jesus Christ by intentionally:

  • Studying the Bible and praying on a regular basis.
  • Repenting of my sins
  • Growing in my relationship with Jesus
  • Imitating Jesus Christ in obedience.
  • Demonstrating Christ’s love to the world.
  • Telling others about Jesus Christ.

  As a Disciple of Jesus Christ, I am committed to being a member of Bridgeway by intentionally:

  • Meeting with fellow believers.
  • Considering others as more important than myself.
  • Relating to others with grace and truth.
  • Using my gifts and abilities to make disciples.
  • Following the mission and direction of BCC.
  • Sharing my resources to support the ministry of BCC.
  • Being held accountable for the commitments I have made as a Member.