Welcome to Bridgeway Community Church.

If this is your first visit you probably want to know what to expect! 


What time do I need to be there?

Our worship service starts at 10:30am. Most of us are here by 10:15am to visit and have coffee together. Our service ends around 12 noon.   

Is there room to park at church?

We have a large parking lot on the West side of our church as well as a small parking lot on the South and North side.

Is Bridgeway wheelchair accessible?

We have a main floor entrance on the East side of our church beside our South parking lot which has space reserved for those in a wheelchair. We have an elevator that covers 3 floors of our building including our gym and kitchen floor. There is space beside the pews in our sanctuary for wheelchairs so you can sit with your family.  

Is there something for my young children? 

We have a nursery with multiple cribs, a washroom and change tables. Our play room for ages 3 and under is supervised and filled with toys. We have Children's Church during the Sermon for ages 4-7. We lead them in crafts, stories, and games! Our Sunday School classes start at 9:30am and we have classes for all ages of children. We even have kids bulletins for ages 3-6 and 7-12 that keep their hands busy during the service if you choose to keep your kids with you. If you have any more questions please call the office 306.773.8945.   

How do I need to dress?

Casual clothes fit right in at Bridgeway.

What kind of music do we sing?

We sing a mix of contemporary worship and classic hymns. 

What is a sermon like at Bridgeway?

We preach the Bible. Our sermons often follow a book of the Bible. We preach from a contemporary version (Pastor Darren prefers the NIV, Pastor Nick likes the NLT). If you want to learn more, feel free to listen to a sermon online! 

Will I be expected to give money?

No you will not be expected to give money. Our Sunday School and worship service is free. 

New to Bridgeway Community Church?  

Thank-you for coming to Bridgeway Church.  We’d like to get to know you so please fill out a Connection Card found in our church pews, call us or send an e-mail.  We’d love to invite you to our next New Comers event.  We also encourage you to join one of our Life Groups.  Please let us know how we can contact you and get you connected.