This is a picture of what we think of first when we say "church".  It's a building, right?  In one sense of the word this may be the case, but God does not define the "church" as building!

The church is made up of people that are seeking to know God in a deeper more meaningful way.  That is why we study the Bible when we get together, hear teaching from our pastor, and respond with singing praises to our God.  Really, church is more like a family that is made up of people of all ages walking side by side through life.  We want to encourage one another, teach one another and love one another.  We hope you will feel at home with us!

Our Sunday morning services include scripture reading, prayer, a mixture of contemporary music & hymns, Christ-centered, gospel-driven messages and an opportunity to connect with people of all ages.  We have a relaxed atmosphere where all are welcome.  We invite you to join us!